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Our knowledgeable consultancy service when utilised at an early stage ensures the efficient use of your site and budget, with Computer Aided... + continue reading

Horseshoe Group Landscaping Whole Sale Plants and Trees

Order online on eBay, click here to see more. Providing a great choice of stock grown in our own nursery or sourced from all over Europe our... + continue reading

Providing you with the best experience and knowledge in tree and shrub specification of species, from selection from our own nursery and all over... + continue reading

Aboriculture is the management and care of trees and wood. We are efficient, knowledgeable, experienced qualified and insured. We have a renowned... + continue reading

We are leading consultants in the the widest range of landscaping therefore instead of requireing multiple consultants for one project we can... + continue reading

Ground work is to be considered the foundation before the foundation. Our integrated knowledge with our other services provide a valuable... + continue reading

With a wealth of knowledge in the vast array of materials available from natural Sandstone to Limestone to Granite to Jura to Purbeck, the choice... + continue reading

Horseshoe Group Landscaping Irrigation and Ponds

Irrigation ensures your investment in to the landscape will flourish and continue to be at its best all year round with the flexibility to ensure... + continue reading

Farms and large country estates often require many of our other services from Ecology to Tree management to Groundwork Fencing to Hard landscaping... + continue reading

Fencing is a great opportunity to consider the vast array of designs and materials from metal to timber to stone to living walls. No matter if it... + continue reading

Our vast experience provides an opportunity to utilise our knowledge to ensure the use of water as part of the landscape is efficient, providing a... + continue reading

Water treatment is invaluable as it allows your land to become the nutritional neutral acidity it should be to allow your vegetation to thrive.... + continue reading

Maintenance of your Landscape is essential to ensure your investment flourishes and continues to increase in value. Our knowledge ensures trees... + continue reading

Specialist machinery used correctly provides an efficient service along with the correct installation insures projects have the best longevity and... + continue reading

With a wealth of knowledge in the vast array of materials available, the choice available provides great opportunities to create amazing... + continue reading

Our highly qualified workforce, including ministry of defence security clearance coupled with the knowledge and efficiency from our other... + continue reading

Horseshoe Group Landscaping Landscape Supplies

Maximise your time as a professional landscaper, while we do your shopping and deliver the materials you need to your site or garden.           ... + continue reading

Horseshoe Group, Dorset. Services Cavallo Bianco Antico

Sourcing the finest architectual antieques from around Europe White Horse Antiques specialised in only the most original peices.

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About Us

Started by Norman and Barbara Frampton, continuing with Glynn Frampton, Richard Perry and Jackie Coakes, five key staff members working together for over 30 years making a combined knowledge of over 150 years provides and incredibly experienced team for you project large or small.